To us people aren't just numbers: we believe that respecting the personality and dignity of each individual is essential to creating a work environment inspired by reciprocal trust and loyalty.
Our commitment, the roles and responsibilities in the development of our personnel are defined in the Human Resources Management Policy, to which we have added internal procedures that regulate some key processes for personnel development and management.


We have adopted tools to aid in the evaluation of people, their involvement and their professional growth, with an outlook to build consistent and effective development and training programmes for business through international experience. Specifically, we use the Performance Evaluation, a system of individual performance evaluation that lets us evaluate people objectively and track activities and responsibilities.

We continuously identify internal resources for inclusion in the succession plans for executive director and key manager positions.


Every year, about 100 new graduates get the opportunity to do an internship at our bank. We offer the young people that come to us a unique training experience that lets them develop a broad and diversified view of our activities, participate in a very active way in projects, work side-by-side with managers and top-notch professionals, and have a precise scope of responsibilities.


Our remuneration package is in line with the market and includes welfare, insurance and healthcare benefits, in addition to agreements with various shops.


We consider the protection of health a fundamental requirement. We promote the psychological and physical well-being of our people through protection, prevention and promotion programmes that involve all company levels. We are also proactively promoting health, providing our collaborators tools for treatment and assistance.

We have identified and assessed the risks that workers could be exposed to when they do their jobs and any consequential harm they could suffer, based on which we have prepared a risk prevention plan for health and safety of employees.

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