In order to best tackle the challenges and changes that concern the business context, and more generally speaking, the economic scenario, it is necessary to have a capacity for vision that is as broad and diversified as possible in terms of the direction of future development.

At Mediobanca, we are convinced that this ability comes largely from the dialogue between people with diverse training, experience and social and cultural skills-sets. As reiterated in our Sustainability Policy, we are committed to building an inclusive work culture, where professional abilities, prospects and individual ideas are fully developed.

We guarantee equal dignity and treatment of all our people and are active in preventing and combatting discrimination in all areas of company life, from the selection process to the definition of remuneration, opportunities for professional growth, to the termination of employment contracts.

Gender diversity

Gender diversity is a highly topical and hotly debated issue, and we at Mediobanca are committed to promoting equal opportunities within our group.

Mediobanca’s Articles of Association require, in line with the current legislation, a given percentage of members of the Board of Directors to be composed of the less represented gender, as with the lists of the Board of Statutory Auditors.

In addition, we have signed up to Valore D, the first Italian association of large companies that supports female diversity, talent and leadership in business. The association provides women managers with the tools and knowledge needed for their professional growth, with the objective of supporting and growing female representation in top management positions.

The collaboration with the association led, in 2017, to our signing of the Valore D Manifesto, a declaration of programmatic and strategic commitment to increased gender diversity and inclusion within the group and the development of initiatives for improving gender inequality indicators.

In particular, we confirmed Un Fiocco in Azienda, a programme to assist parents in dealing with the change that comes from being parents and help them return to the company, thanks to a series of dedicated services, such as collective training/information courses on the couple’s relationship during the delicate pregnancy period, the Prenatal Nutrition Programme for a correct diet, the paediatrics Card, a service that enables users to locate a paediatrician in emergency situations and “Parto di testa”, a programme of group meetings dedicated to fathers for in-depth discussions of the psychological and relational challenges posed by the prospect of becoming a father.

Mediobanca and MIS launched Working Parents, a course dedicated to helping employees who have become parents in the last two years reconcile the respective spheres of parenting and working.

Lastly, Mediobanca, Compass and Futuro organised the first edition of the course “Clearing airway obstruction and resuscitation manoeuvres for children”, in accordance with the new international guidelines and Italian Health Ministry directives.

    2018/19     2017/2018  
Top management 10 1 11 10 1 11
Executives 352 59 411 309 49 358
Managers 1,255 626 1,881 1,198 586 1,784
White-collar employees 1,144 1,321 2,465 1,118 1,324 2,442
Total 2,761 2,007 4,768 2,635 1,960 4,595


Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI)

Thanks to our commitment to promoting diversity, Mediobanca was included in the 230 companies on the 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), the initiative that selects the companies that have stood out for their transparent approach to reporting on gender issues and the adoption of an increasingly more balanced approach to women.

Italy’s Best Employers for Women 2020

Mediobanca is among the 200 winners in the Italy’s Best Employers for Women 2020 exercise conducted by German quality institute ITQF in conjunction with Repubblica Affari&Finanza. The survey analysed some 2.5 million online comments made in relation to the working environment for women, corporate culture, professional training and equal opportunities.

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