385/our-groupOur Group2020-05-11T12:02:03+02:002020-07-24T08:00:00+02:00truefalse288412falsefalse44Our Group/en/our-group3013850/en/our-group/our-group2020-05-11T12:04:45.22+02:005en-US1<_usrIdC>288<_grpIdC>1<_tsC>2020-05-11T12:02:03+02:00<_usrIdM>288<_grpIdM>1<_tsM>2020-07-24T08:00:00+02:00<_deleted>false2020-07-24T08:00:00385117923Hero - Sezione0385Our Group117938Hero - Titolo H117920385Section - Masonry Box1179921Section - Masonry Box17980masonry-item masonry-stamp masonry-stamp--rightbox box--primary385Mediobanca Company profile1180024Section - Masonry - Titolo + testo17990385CTA - Arrow117964CTA - Arrow17950Read more/en/our-group/about-us/about-us.html_blankbtn-arrow btn-arrow-primary385What we do1180324Section - Masonry - Titolo + testo<p>Our business model is based on four highly specialized, highly profitable businesses.</p> <p>We have remained Italy&rsquo;s undisputed leader in Corporate &amp; Investment Banking while expanding our European footprint. We helped pioneer the consumer credit industry, and our subsidiary Compass is a leading player in the domestic market. Our recent launch of the Wealth Management division was a resounding success, and this business will be our growth driver over the next few years. Finally, the Principal Investing division, essentially consisting of our investment in the insurance company Assicurazioni Generali, gives us further profitability and stability.</p> 18020385What sets us apart1180624Section - Masonry - Titolo + testo<p>We have forged a solid reputation by consistently achieving sound, sustainable results in the long term. Our focus on customers, the quality of our services and our ability to innovate while upholding our hallmark values of discretion and integrity have rewarded us with the enduring trust of all our stakeholders.</p> 18050385A forward-looking model1180924Section - Masonry - Titolo + testo<p>We have evolved and innovated without losing sight of our prestigious background. Our 2019-2023 strategic plan charts a new growth path in line with the course that brought us here.</p> 18080385ALTRI APPROFONDIMENTI1181224Section - Masonry - Titolo + testo<ul class="ul-arrows "> <li><a class="a-arrow-gold" href="/en/our-group/our-history.html" target="_blank">Learn more about our history</a></li> <li><a class="a-arrow-gold" href="/en/our-group/group-structure.html" target="_blank">Our group structure</a></li> <li><a class="a-arrow-gold" href="/en/our-group/contacts.html" target="_blank">Contact us</a></li> </ul> 18110385CTA - Arrow218104CTA - Arrow18080Learn more about our strategy for 2019-2023/en/our-group/strategy-and-transformation.html_blankbtn-arrow btn-arrow-primary385CTA - Arrow218074CTA - Arrow18050Read more/en/our-group/about-us/what-makes-us-different.html_blankbtn-arrow btn-arrow-primary385CTA - Arrow218044CTA - Arrow18020Read more/en/our-group/business-model.html_blankbtn-arrow btn-arrow-cloudy-blue385Hero - Immagine Bottom223testata gruppotestata gruppo768240testata_gruppo_thumb.jpg/static/upload_new/tes179716Hero - Immagine Bottomtestata gruppo1920270gruppo_1920.jpg/static/upload_new/gru768240testata_gruppo_thumb.jpg/static/upload_new/tes2295632026330385CTA - Arrow218014CTA - Arrow17990Watch the videohttps://www.youtube.com/embed/Ko_RlBo5ceM_selfbtn-play385Section - Masonry Box2180221Section - Masonry Box17980masonry-itembox box--primary385Hero - Immagine229about usabout us478479about_us2.png/static/upload_new/abo17945Hero - Immagine1792about us478479about_us2.png/static/upload_new/abo535650385About us317959Hero - Preview<p>We have worked alongside Italian families and businesses for nearly 80 years, caring for their financial needs attentively and responsibly.</p> <p>Today we are a specialized financial group with a unique position in the Italian banking industry.</p> 17920385Section - Body3179820Section - Body0385Section - Masonry Box3180521Section - Masonry Box17980masonry-itembox385Section - Masonry Box4180821Section - Masonry Box17980masonry-itembox385Section - Masonry Box5181121Section - Masonry Box17980masonry-itembox box--camel441Our Group/en/our-groupRoot -> English -> Our Groupfalse01
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