We made a decision to preserve the Bank’s heritage, in terms of the archive of company documents and the network of national and International relations that have allowed Mediobanca to develop into the bank it is in the economic and financial panorama, opening it up for consultation by others.

The Mediobanca "Vincenzo Maranghi" Historical Archive, instituted in 2012 after the Bank had been in business for 66 years, is tasked with this mission.

Acknowledgement of the unique contribution that Mediobanca is able to make to reconstructing the economic and financial history of Italy in particular resulted, after certain formalities had been completed, in the Archive obtaining a declaration as being of particularly important historical interest in 2014 (link to SALOM letter). Work began on cataloguing the archive in the same year.

Mediobanca has chosen to make the documents available for consultation at its own offices in digitalized form, in order to preserve the originals. The inventory, which is organized as a tree, can be browsed by computer, bringing up the document images in each holding immediately, in the order in which they were found.

The Bank has decided to make the documents for the first twenty years of its history available: from its inception until 31 December 1966.

To consult the archive click here

Materials available for download:

  • List of holdings available
  • Analysis of the “Enrico Cuccia and Chairman’s Secretary’s Office” sub-holding

Leggi gli interventi del convegno del 7 novembre 2014

Fulvio Coltorti
Marcello De Cecco
Giampietro Morreale
Giandomenico Piluso
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