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Roadshow USA - New York

Institutional events

Roadshow USA - New York

Institutional events

Roadshow USA - New York

General Meeting

The annual general meeting is the most important moment in the relationship between a company and its shareholders. It expresses the corporate interest, and is held by the terms and means provided for by law and the Articles of Association.

Governance model

Our traditional governance model clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of the governing bodies, safeguarding the shareholders’ interests while ensuring management benefits from the best operating conditions. The group’s growth in recent years has also led to the development and consolidation of our governance system.

Board of Directors

Responsible for the group’s strategic oversight, Mediobanca’s board of directors currently has 15 members, more than half of whom are independent. Two directors were elected from minority lists.

Business Ethics

We have always held ourselves to the highest ethical standards and integrity, with the conviction that honourable and transparent conduct improves and protects our reputation, credibility and standing with the public, regulators and institutions over time.


Tel. +39 02 8829.543/455

Massimo Bertolini
Head of Group Governance
Secretary of the Board of Directors

Paola Schneider
Head Group Corporate Affairs

Cristiana Vibaldi
Shareholder's Department

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