Chairman of the Commettee : Maurizio Costa

Laura Cioli
Valérie Hortefeux
Alberto Lupoi
Renato Pagliaro


The Appointments Committee is comprised of five non-executive members, four of whom are independent pursuant to article 19 of the Articles of Association, including the Chairman.

Main duties

The Committee performs advisory and consultation functions for:

  • the parent company’s annual Board assessment;
  • identifying the Board’s optimal quali-quantitative composition and the subsequent check that the Board resulting from the appointment process effectively corresponds with the optimal composition identified;
  • supporting the outgoing Board of Directors in the presentation of the list of directorship candidates
  • proposals of Directors to be co-opted in the event that individual directors leave office, and recommendations for the appointment of the Executive Committee, the CEO and, upon the CEO’s proposal, the General Manager;
  • the succession plans for executive directors and key function holders (heads of the control functions and the group’s main business areas);
  • governance issues.

The CEO and General Manager are invited to the meetings.

A breakdown by gender and age bracket:

ComitatoNomine Genere eta EN
Meetings and activities

The Committee met 9 times in the year ended 30 June 2021. The rate of participation was 100%.

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