Our projects

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To deliver on this commitment, we organise and support various social initiatives in Italy and the countries where we operate. These initiatives target three areas:





  1. Environment
    We are conscious of the pace of climate change and that we have an impact on the world around us. As such, we believe it is our duty to promote the responsible management of resources, for ourselves and for future generations. As a Group, we care greatly about the environmental impact of our work, from how we manage Energy and water use to paper consumption and waste management.
  2. Culture, research & innovation
    We recognise that our role as a Group goes beyond the pursuit of financial objectives. For years, we have been supporting scientific and economic research, sponsoring publications in a number of fields, and investing in our architectural and cultural heritage.
  3. Social inclusion
    An inclusive society is built on mutual respect and solidarity, ensuring equality of opportunity and a dignified standard of living for everyone. Social inclusion means living together in the belief that everyone is important and is a part of the community. One way to achieve this is through sport, which is a microcosm of important values like fairness, responsibility, determination and team spirit.

Last update: 23/04/2019