Group structure

The leading investment bank and consumer lender in Italy, we are also a major player in asset management and retail and private banking.

We are a leading investment bank and have built a strong presence in complementary areas of banking, partly through a number of pioneering subsidiaries. Such diversification – into highly specialised and growing areas of banking – means our continued long-term profitability is assured. Our areas of operation now include: consumer lending through Compass Banca; retail banking through CheBanca!, the multi-channel bank which is now becoming the Group’s growth driver in the wealth management area.

With the approval of the 2016-19 strategic plan, priority attention has been given to asset and investment management for households, and for this reason we have set up the new Wealth Management division, which brings together CheBanca! (as asset gatherer for households), Compagnie Monégasque de Banque, Spafid and Mediobanca Private Banking (as asset gatherers for institutional clients and private & HNWI customers). As part of organizing a full and integrated product and service offering, we are launching the new Mediobanca Asset Management product factory, which will bring together the activities of Cairn Capital, Compagnie Monégasque de Banque, Mediobanca SGR and RAM Active Investments.  

We have also expanded our international network through companies set up to operate in the different countries where we have a footprint.

Mediobanca Group structure


Last update: 31/08/2018